ELITE-OSM™ is the only ORTHO-THERAPY™ provider serving both New Mexico and Nevada and  has unique approaches when it comes to the treatment of MSK conditions. Nearly all patients will notice a drastic improvement on the first visit, and treatment duration reaches full resolution typically within 5 treatments. ELITE-OSM™ spends the necessary time to take care of each person as they would a family member, and does not sacrifice true patient care for volume. All of our therapists are fully licensed professionals. 


Dr. Beau B Hightower
                       FMS-C, MMACS, FDM                           



Dr. Charlsey McDonald PT, DPT
Director of Physical Therapy/Certified Ortho-Therapist




Charlsey is a native New Mexican who received her  Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine  in 2011. She began her career at Lovelace in an acute care setting. "Dr. Char" brings valuable clinical experience from a variety of clinical settings to the practice. Charlsey has a passion for manual physical therapy, sports specific therapy, being involved with

the geriatric population, and studying neuro-networking in the body.


Her experience has been in geriatrics, pediatrics and outpatient orthopedic settings.  She has a passion for helping people live healthy and active lives and has maintained outstanding relationships with the best Orthopedic Surgeons in New Mexico as they trust her clinical judgement. She is certified in dry-needle therapy which does wonders for tight muscles. 

Dr. McDonald recently served as the official Physical Therapist for the award winning play, Matilda. She was asked to join them based on her reputation for outstanding and innovative treatment.


Dr. Greg Donadio DN, LMT, MMACS, FDM
Director of Business Relations/Certified Ortho-Therapist


























































Greg Donadio went to school at Florida Atlantic University where he studied business and marketing.  His passions turned him away from traditional business studies and toward  the field of physical fitness and corrective exercise. He completed his strength and conditioning personal training certification at the National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM). Greg was recently asked to treat onsite at Unbreakable gym, the home of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, and Sly Stalone.


Greg has been certified in a unique soft tissue approach called the facsial distortion model (FDM) which focuses on the fascia component of soft tissue injuries.


His most recent accomplishment has been the completion of his LMT (Licensed Medical Massage Therapist) degree at the ABQ School of Medical Massage. Greg is currently completing his doctorate in Naparapathic Medline. His specialization focuses on Trigger Point Therapy, self myofascial release, Postural Assessments, and Muscle Energy Techniques.


Greg was the GM of  Personal Training at two  L.A Fitness gyms in south Florida for three years and  has worked with multiple professional athletes, tri-athletes and celebrities. Greg is the therapist of choice for many in the film industry.


Currently, Greg competes in physique and bodybuilding competitions around the country in the National Physique Committee, and holds the title of New Mexico Physique Champion. In addition, KASA 2 news has built a workout segment around Greg and his training techniques. Greg has worked alongside Dr. Hightower with multiple UFC professionals, NFL athletes and Olympians. They continue to grow as a team, helping people from around the country to change lives and help people live pain-free.

Dr. Alicia N Martinez DN, PTA, LMT

Director of Orthopaedic Rehabiltation / Certified Ortho-Therapist

Dr. Alicia graduated with honors Southwest University of Naprapthic Medicine with a doctorate in naprapathic medicine and alos graduated with honors from Carrington College-Albuquerque Campus with an Associates of Science in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program and is currently a Licensed Naprapthic Physician in the state of New Mexico.  Alicia gained a vast knowledge of Kinesology, anatomy & physiology, pathology, neurological conditions related to physical therapy, pediatric care related to physical therapy, along with other special populations, injury rehabilitation, etc.. Her clinical experience as a LPTA consists of inpatient (burn and trauma), outpatient, and sports related outpatient orthopedic clinic. 


Alicia is now a certified Ortho-Therapist  at Elite-Ortho Therapy and Sports Medicine. She has had the opportunity to work along side Dr. Hightower to continue her knowledge and expertise with an array of patients including Jackson's MMA fighters, World class Olympians, bodybuilding professionals, 10 year old soccer players, 82 year old golf players, and everyone in between.


Alicia also attended Crystal Mountain School of Therapeutic Massage where she gained the knowledge, and practical application of postural analysis, pain management, myofascial release, trigger point release, sports massage, anatomy and physiology and many other traditional massage therapy techniques. 


Alicia has an extensive background in entrepreneurship and client services. 

Patrick Pacheco LMT, CPT
Certified Ortho-Therapist

Pat is a personal trainer licensed by NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainer), a Massage Therapist graduate from Carrington College (awaiting , physique competitor, and contest prep coach. He has always had a love for how the body moves. He has been a personal trainer for 3 years at various gyms in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Bernalillo and a fitness manager. Since 2009 he have worked in my families’ business as a bail bondsman. Pat has a passion for helping patients and clients achieve their goals of wellness. He specialize in deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. He enjoys working and treating patients, meeting new people, snowboarding, and spending time with his wife Jaycelyn, son Kingston, and daughter Jasella. He has won 2015 Southwest Physique Overall Title, 7th place at MuscleMania Americas World Championship, and most recently 2017 Colorado State Class B Physique title. Pat is a healthy patient and advocate of Elite-OSM’s techniques and modalities.

                 Dr. Anthony Sotelo DN                                Dr. Kathleen Esquibel DN
                Certified Ortho-Therapist                                Certified Ortho-Therapist

Dr. Anthony Sotelo was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He received his first-degree black belt in taekwondo at age ten. Soon after, he developed a love for skateboarding. During high school, Anthony became a sponsored athlete and skated for many different companies and won several competitions.


Upon graduating high school he decided to leave the world of skateboarding and focus on getting a college education. Anthony attended the University of Arizona, where he studied and tutored nutritional science and molecular and cellular biology. His love and passion for helping people lead him to New Mexico to receive his clinical doctorate in Naprapathic Medicine.



Dr. Anthony graduated with honors from Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After graduating with his doctorate, joined Dr. Beau Hightower at the world famous Jacksonwink MMA Academy. On his free time Anthony enjoys training martial arts, skateboarding and spending time with his family and friends. He is now a clinical professor for doctoral students at SUNM.

Dr. Kathleen Esquibel  grew up in Carlsbad, NM graduated in 2006 from Carlsbad High and moved to Albuquerque to attend  the University of New Mexico.


She earned her my undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Dr Esquibel  attended the Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine  where she graduated with honors and obtained her Doctor of Naprapathy medical license.


She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist through the NSCA. She  is an avid swimmer and swam on both club and high school teams, she has since used her passion for swimming to transition into endurance training and participating in triathlons. In her down time I enjoy being outside, spending time with my family and pets! 

Maya Ramsey BS, CPT
Director of Clinical Operations

Maya Ramsay is a NASM certified personal trainer and yoga instructor with ten years of experience in the field. Her passion for sports medicine and exercise therapy has given her a comprehensive understanding of the body and has helped her excel in teaching clients how to take care of their body. Maya has had a dynamic and diverse career in the field of health and wellness while working in gyms, yoga studios, spas and rehabilitation hospitals both here in New Mexico and in San Francisco, CA.


Maya is a certified Level 1 Kinesiotape Expert. She is an ambassador for Lululemon and runs a outdoor based fitness company, Urban Fyt, here in Albuquerque. She has been a distance runner for over fifteen years and recently started running ultra marathons.


Maya has experienced first-hand the benefits of properly taking care of the body and is thrilled to be able to share that knowledge with those around her. When she is not teaching and working at Elite OSM, you'll find her trail running, mountain biking and exploring the amazing outdoors as well as spending time with her family and friends.