Patient care is our priority and passion at ELITE-OSM™. Your treatment plan is based upon your specific needs, with your best interests in mind. We will always do the right thing for the patient, and will make sure that they receive the correct treatment for their condition, no matter if it is with us or another healthcare provider. ELITE takes pride in it's interdisciplinary communication. All of our providers possess experience working in interdisciplinary settings such as family medical practices and hospital systems. Please enjoy some of our testimonials below.

Favia Dubyk MD, MS


American Ninja Warrior

Dr. Beau Hightower is a great listener and has used his impressive knowledge of anatomy to solve my very unique problems. 

I came to him struggling to walk and drive my car after seeing doctors and other chiropractors for many months. No one knew what was wrong or how to help! However, Dr. Hightower listened to my story and was able to get my legs working again!   He was able to solve an issue that no one else could. As a physician and professional athlete, I know that I would not be capable of meeting all the demands in my life without Dr. Hightower! 


Amy Garcia MD

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon

I have worked both professionally and personally with Dr. Hightower for several years. Among my peers, in all fields of medicine, Dr. Hightower's knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system, 

anatomy, and physical exam skills are unmatched. Where others fail to identify and address physical issues, he expertly uses his highly refined intuition and his deep understanding of what causes particular pain issues in the human body. From high performance athletes, to a surgeon with pain from long working hours, to my 11 year old tennis loving son with forearm pain, Dr. Hightower has the breadth of knowledge and experience to help all of us heal. Having personally seen many practitioners in this field and having experienced too many unhelpful modalities, I am relieved and grateful that Dr. Hightower sets a very high standard for care in New Mexico. No one compares to him in his ability as a healer. I refer not only friends and family but patients as well. I highly recommend Dr. Hightower, especially if you have not had relief with other professionals and I would consider you fortunate to experience and receive his outstanding an unparalleled medical care.

I had an injury sustained in a bicycle accident and as a result suffered from pain in my shoulder, wrists and upon running, an Iliotibial Band issue. Beau was prompt

Rick Martin 

Director of Capital Equipment Sales, Thermo Fisher Scientific


 and knowledgeable regarding each piece of the injury and how it related to my overall well being. In just two treatments, my shoulder is pain free, wrists do not hurt and IT band is feeling much better. I am able to run bike and swim without issue. I am keeping Beau close as I embark in this training season. I know things will flare up and hurt, it is good to have his knowledge and ability to heal close by. I would absolutely recommend him to others. He does a great job.

Cindy Hernandez-Wall

Former News Anchor KOB 4

Manager Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico

Throughout the last 30 years I've seen dozens of doctors/therapists for all sorts of injuries from dance 

running, biking, skiing and tennis. Never have I met a doctor as knowledgeable and interested in my healing and concerned about my future preventive treatment, as Dr. Hightower. My last injury went misdiagnosed for 2 months by 4 professionals. I injured my knee and limped for 8 weeks. After one treatment I was in shock to discover I could easily get off the treatment table and then walk and squat without pain. Dr. Hightower diagnosed me with having an issue with my I.T. Band. I'd previously believed because I sought treatment and couldn't get relief - that I would just have to live with this condition. After three more treatments and now easy, daily stretching of my I.T. Band, I am pain free and back to any and all excercise! I have since sent my mom, husband and two children to Dr. Hightower. They too have claimed him to be a "miracle worker!" We are grateful for his care

Diego Sanchez

UFC Lightweight Contender

Winner of The Ultimate Fighter

Dr. Hightower has been crucial to my preparation and helping me to stay healthy through fight camp. In our sport, injuries are a part of life, so I thank God that my friend Derrick referred me to Dr. H. 

He has been able to fix neck, shoulder, and back problems and more than that he actually cares about his patients. I usually don't like doctors but if you get a chance to get Dr. H in your corner, do it! I know that I can always count on Elite-OSM to give me the answers that I need when it comes to staying healthy.

Genieve Sanchez

Bikini Universe Finalist

Undefeated Amateur Boxer

Columnist for Advanced Healing and Knuxx Magazines

In a one statement, “Elite-OSM got me back into my game”.  I have been an athlete all my life and have been privileged to compete at both a collegiate level sport with basketball and  ​

a national level sport with competitive fitness.  Most recently I took the athletic challenge of amateur boxing. After my first fight I was severely sidelined with a reoccurring back injury that happened during off-season training.  The pain was relentless and affected everyday movements such as getting out of bed, walking, and even sitting at my work desk.  Dr. Hightower worked with me once a week with his sports rehabilitation methods and within a month my back felt 100% and I was able to dive into fight camp training for my next amateur boxing match.  I would recommend to any athlete (or anyone) that is dealing with pain or injury to turn to Dr. Hightower at Elite OSM to get them back in their game.  With a passion for helping and healing others and a significant background in sports and athletics, Dr.Hightower is my first choice in sports rehabilitation.