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​Elite Ortho-Therapy and Sports Medicine specializes in the resolution of the following conditions:
• Back pain   • Neck pain • Plantar Fascitis • Ankle Sprain • Sciatica

• Disc Related Pain• Knee Pain  • Rotator Cuff Pain​ 

• Hip Pain • TMJ Pain • “Tennis elbow” • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

• Muscle Strains • Achilles Tendinitis • Shin Splints • Frozen Shoulder

• Bunion Correction • Osgood-Schlatters • Cervical Radiculopathy • ITB syndrome

• Thoracic Outlet Syndrome • Tension Headaches/Migraines • Whiplash

ELITE-OSM is the only ORTHO-THERAPY provider serving New Mexico, Nevada, Florida, and has unique approaches when it comes to the treatment of MSK conditions. Most clients will notice an improvement on the first visit, and treatment duration reaches full resolution typically within 5 treatments. ELITE-OSM spends the necessary time to take care of each person as they would a family member and does not sacrifice true patient care for volume. All therapists are independently contracted and fully licensed professionals. 

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ORTHO-THERAPY is a unique and highly specific process leading to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions through non-invasive methods. ORTHO-THERAPY draws upon a myriad of established techniques and has been processed into a helpful method to assess and correct pain and dysfunction. ORTHO-THERAPY is a unique approach that utilizes specific manual and instrument assisted treatments to promote healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and joints. 


ELITE-OSM offers a variety of physical medicine techniques that are commonplace among evidence-based practitioners. 

  • Dry Needling

  • Maitland Mobilization

  • Mulligan Mobilization

  • Mckenzie Excercises

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Self Myofascial Release 

  • Neurodynamics and Mobilization

  • Instrument Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • Joint Manipulation

  • Cupping


At ELITE-OSM, exercises are personally demonstrated and documented for the benefit of the client. We use current literature to determine what our library of therapeutic physical exercises will be, and we show our patients how to STAY HEALTHY by giving them exercises that they can perform routinely on their own. 


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (SWT) is a modality used for the treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, primarily applied to chronic conditions, particularly those affecting medium to large sized tendons and their insertions on bone such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Achilles Tendonopathy

  • Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

  • Lateral Epicondylosis (Tennis Elbow)

  • Medial Epicondylosis (Golfer’s Elbow)

  • Calcific Tendonitis (supraspinatus tendon, etc.)

  • Patellar Tendinosis (Jumper’s Knee)

  • Morton’s Neuroma

  • Chronic Stress/Non-union Fracture

  • High energy SWT or “true” shockwaves are classified as short duration (approx. 10msec) high energy pulses (5-100MPa) that break the sound barrier resulting in a shockwave. Our high energy shockwave technology allows the shockwave to be focused directly through the affected tissue resulting in several effects:

  • Mechanical pressure and tension forces on the tissue which has been shown to increase cell membrane permeability thereby increasing microscopic circulation and therefore the metabolism within the treated area. This promotes healing and may result in the dissolution of calcific deposits.

  • The pressure front creates behind it a “cavitation bubble” which are small empty cavities created behind a pressure front. When the bubbles collapse they create a resultant force that has a mechanical impact on the treated tissue. This force helps to break down calcific deposits embedded in damaged tissue.

  • Shockwaves stimulate osteoblasts that are cells responsible for bone healing and new bone production.

  • Shockwaves stimulate fibroblasts that are cells responsible for healing of connective tissue such as tendons.


Naprapathic practice includes the treatment of persons with connective tissue disorders through the use of special techniques, review of case history, examination and palpation or treatment of a person by the use of connective tissue manipulation, exercise, postural counseling, nutritional counseling and the application or use of heat, cold, light, water, radiant energy, electricity, sound and air and assistive devices for the purpose of preventing, correcting or alleviating a physical disability.


 A naprapath treats contractures, muscle spasms, inflammations, scar tissue formation, adhesions, lesions, laxity, hypotonicity, rigid structural imbalances, bruises, contusions, muscular atrophy and partial separation of connective tissue fibers.


TDN is an extremely effective technique that uses a very fine acupuncture needle to “deactivate” or “shut down” painful or knotted areas in your muscles. Many of us have areas in our body that feel tense all the time or feel like a hard ball in the muscle. By inserting fine needles into these tight areas, we elicit a “twitch response” or a brief contraction followed by an immediate and long-lasting relaxation. Because the needle can treat very deep parts of the muscle, the technique can achieve amazing pain relief that you never thought was possible.

Does massage give you great relief, but doesn’t last as long as you would like? People who have good results with massage but are disappointed when the discomfort returns will find TDN a great way to get more long-lasting relief. TDN works best for people with overuse injuries, chronic pain, and sports injuries. Book with Dr. Charlsey McDonald PT/Dr. Carlos Gamero PT for TDN.

This approach to evaluation is based on kinetic functional evaluation, and evidence-based Orthopedic, Neurological, and Functional testing. Elite-OSM provides one-one-one drugless therapies that decrease time to resolution and dramatically reduce dependence on prescription drugs and incidence of surgical procedures for clients. The therapists routinely refer non-responsive clients that would not benefit from our care to the appropriate providers which include Diagnostic Imaging, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Oncology, Pain Management, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Registered Dietician, and Licensed Massage Therapists. We maintain close relationships with medical and surgical providers to ensure that our clients receive the appropriate and best care, no matter their condition.

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